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bride and groom holing hands and walking on the beach at France Park

Wedding Photographer 

For the fun seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and the good time havers.

Isaac Beachy Photo is wedding photographer and videographer with a mission to document the precious moments that unfold throughout your special day. I am passionate about capturing the weddings because of how the photos are instantly value for generations to come. On Wedding days I am more than a photographer, I am a story teller. From the heartfelt vows to the romantic first dance, I strive to not let any fleeting moment left unremembered. I document not only the main events but also the little in between moments that make your day special. From the excitement of the bridal party getting ready to the tears of joy shed by proud parents, every piece of your day holds immense value.

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don't forget your story

based in Kokomo, Indiana

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let it be told

I am the dude behind the camera! I am a huge people person and I am so excited to meet y'all! I fell in love with weddings so fast because I LOVED the idea of getting to meet a new couple every week. Getting to not only make new friends but also getting to tell so many stories with my art. 

I have always been the guy that takes photos of everything constantly. Dog got a new toy? Imma take some pics of him with it. I just am always documenting and especially at family events. I never realized just how important the photos I was taking were until my grandpa passed. When he passed, I scavenged through all my galleries pulling out every single photo I had of him for us all to cherish. It was at that moment that I realized this is why I love documenting so much. These are memories that we will cherish til we go and then these will be what your family has left to remember us by. Sorry for being sappy lol but this is why I love documenting.

Your adventure - love - tears - joy - excitement is the authentic story I want to tell.

Outgoing - High Energy - Fun

I am an outgoing goofy dude who laughs at way too many jokes. At home you'll find me ugly dancing, singing way too loud to songs I don't know. I love learning and reading about boring stuff like business. Sunny days are ok but I love it when storms and snows. In the fall I disappear with my bow into the woods. I have eaten oatmeal for breakfast everyday for the past 2 years. It takes a lot to make me not a happy camper. God and Family are priority over everything for me. I listen to country music all the time, including right now as I am writing this. I love the rural country side of Indiana but I am 100% down to travel anywhere!



a couple after getting married exiting their wedding in an old cadalac car at the sugar maple barn



"Working with Isaac and his wife, Alivia, for our wedding day was one of the easiest parts of planning!"

- Kayla and Isaac

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 We had no idea what to do infront of the camera but he made it so fun and all of our pictures looked so natural. Our wedding video was amazing and is something we will cherish for our whole life.

- Jacob and Kaitlyn


a couple snuggling close to eachother at the kokomo wildcat resivour park


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